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About us


Since my cat is a kitten, I love to take pictures of him! One day, I found small yellow bow tie for him in a store, and I thought it would be fun to make him wear it and take some new pictures. I 've realized that it fit him like a charm and it gave him a little rascal look, while being quite stylish. I then thought that I could make him other bow ties of different colors and textures, having gained some sewing knowledge since several years. After a few attempts, I realized that I loved creating this kind of accessory and that I could share them with other cats. So I decided to create my own company on the Web in 2016 and let out my creativity !

- Jean-Philippe Richard, founder and designer of the company Pepito le Chat

My cat's name is Pepito and he is a wonderful ginger American Shorthair. He was born on the 4th of March 2015 and he is a real bundle of energy and love! Since he was the inspiration for my project, it seemed appropriate to name my company after him. Besides being my muse, Pepito is also my model, right here on my website! He loves to play, and the photo sessions are for him an additional game period, it fits perfectly in his life of a small urban cat!

- Pepito, the day of his 1st birthday

All bow ties and collars presented on my Website are handmade. I have chosen carefully all of the fabrics and designed myself each of the models. They are unique, good quality, and specially designed for cats. My company is situated in Montreal ( Qc) in Canada, but delivery of all products on my Website is possible to any country.

All pictures of Pepito displayed on this Website were taken by Chantal Lévesque, photographer specialized in lifestyle pet portraits. Based in Montreal, Chantal attended various training courses from experts in feline and canine behavior. She ensures to guarantee the welfare of your pet during the photo session. Her main objective is to capture your precious moments with them, capturing the bond with the owners for keepsakes that will last a lifetime.

I invite you to take time to visit my bow tie collection, and I hope you will find one that will make your cat just as happy as my Pepito!
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